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Game of Teams 3 is an EESTEC workshop on soft-skills that will take place from the 24th to the 29th of July in Trieste, in the University buildings of Piazzale Europa. The idea is to give curious and dynamic students from any faculty the chance to acquire new skills for their future, both at work and in personal life, learning to apply them creatively. They will also have the chance to create new connections and friendships, and to get in touch with a reality other than the university one.

An EESTEC workshop is an event of about one week completely free-of-charge, which provides numerous hours dedicated to learning in an active and dynamic way thanks to the experience of a team of EESTEC trainers: students who have made their passion for the transmission of knowledge and soft-skills an activity that leads them to travel throughout Europe for events like this. EESTEC workshops are international, attended by many students from many other countries and cultures, and held in English throughout their duration.

Game of Teams 3 is the only event of its kind in Trieste and is now a biennial event tested and perfected by EESTEC LC Trieste, recognized and made possible by the University and by various companies in the Trieste area and outside.

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GoT can teach you how to keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground! The memories, feelings and friendships of the event are a proof that your life can change in one week!

– Maria, LC Patras

Program and schedule

The workshop will focus on soft-skills, transversal skills that are highly demanded in every professional field and that go to complement hard-skills, the technical ones.

The workshop will cover:

  • Efficient Communication: the ability to express oneself with clarity and sufficient details, avoiding misunderstandings and miscommunications in formal, unfamiliar or time-constrained situations.
  • Competitiveness, Team building and management: the ability to take roles inside of a team, to discern team dynamics, resolve conflict and cooperate with strangers for the betterment of one’s team situation.
  • Feedback: the ability to voice opinions, give feedback and criticize with confidence, politeness and effectiveness.
  • Stress resilience: the ability to manage time and deadlines, tasks, unknown factors and uncooperative team members without giving up or resorting to unpleasantness.

You will get all this knowledge and you will immediately get to use it: the trainings will combine theoretical explanations with practice.

There will also be a talk by professionals dedicated to how to fill out an effective CV and how to conduct a job interview.


What is Game of Teams 3?

  • Game of Teams is a unique event in Trieste. This is the third edition of a week-long workshop for students dedicated to soft-skills, with previous editions held in 2014 and 2016.

Who can participate?

  • All the students! The event is open to students enrolled at the University of Trieste from any faculty or year. Students from any other university are welcome too, but we can’t provide food and lodgings for the week. Only a valid student card is required.

How much does the event cost?

  • Absolutely nothing, thanks to our partners, registration is free and you will never be asked for donations, unexpected expenses, refunds, etc..

Do I need to register? How?

  • For organizational reasons we ask you to register through a Google Form (only in Italian, sorry), though the link or at the bottom of the page. We need little information and it takes a few minutes to complete it.
    Note: you can register until July 18, 23.59, or until there are still places available.

What are soft-skills and what purpose do they serve?

  • Soft-skills are a wide range of interpersonal skills and social intelligence that cover almost every aspect of relating to others, usually in a working environment. They include communication and listening, leadership, teamwork, problem solving, adaptability, and many others.
    For a student, improving their soft skills particularly helps them to enter the world of work, when technical knowledge is important but it is not everything. The ability to communicate effectively, for example, is a universally required ability already during the interview, in every job sector.

I still have questions. Where can I get in contact?

If you have any other question you can contact us at our info email, or on the Facebook event page


The stories of Game of Teams 2 participants:

I don’t know why they even collect applications for the third edition for GoT while all the previous participants would love to come there again! After many different events, GoT is still winning the heart when it comes to impact and atmosphere. Can you imagine how one week can shape your future life? Find out on GoT.
– Patrycja, LC Krakow

Game of Teams was such a great event. A little bit of summer in Italy mixed with a lot of cool and useful trainings and learning possibilities. Remembering it today, I can say that I am very glad I participated in this awesome event. When in doubt, apply for an event in Trieste 🙂
– Ivan, LC Zagreb

Out of ten events visited, Game of Teams season 2 is still my best event so far. It gathers an amazing academical part and great entertainment in a very nice city. Castles, beautiful Italian architecture, sun, wonderful food and ice-cream and amazing parties and fun were there. It is a special event where participants are closely bonded as trainings ask them to work together and open themselves.
– Olivier, LC Lille

EESTEC events are all special, but Game of Teams was something else. A week with incredible trainers, EESTEC and local participants and organizers, working together on soft skills and focusing on our development. There is no surprise that many of us left Trieste fully prepared to take up some gut actions and were able to achieve so many on so many fields.
– Stefan, LC Niš

Even though it may sound cliche-y, my life can be divided into two parts: before and after Game of Teams. Never have I befriended so many or learnt so much about myself and other people in so little time. This event not only opened my eyes on many things, it made me braver and motivated me to achieve more in my life. It’s time for LC Trieste to share the same with you – and as you’ll soon know – sharing is caring.
– Maciek, LC Gdansk

During a week long soft-skill workshop I was able to meet amazing people and create a forever lasting bond with them, improve myself thanks to amazing training sessions that expanded my horizon and enhanced me with set of soft-skills that I’m still benefiting from in everyday life. Game of Teams 2 is easly qualifaing itself as one of the best times of my life and surely the best EESTEC even I was participating in. To be honest the Game of Teams s2 make such an impact on my life, that i decided to move to Trieste and start my carrier there!
– Adrian, LC Gliwice

I went to 4 international events and GoT was my favourite. Why? Because OC took care of us all the time. Trainers were also amazing and they managed to create a strong bonding between us. Imagine that at the end of the event almost everyone cried, no matter if they were girls or boys, participants or organizers. Stairs were the only bad part, but don’t worry, at least you’ll be fit.
– Alina, LC Bucharest

Game of teams taught us the secret of creating and maintaining a bonded team but mostly gave us the chance to meet the most unique people
– Danai, LC Patras

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